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Founded in 2017

Dr. Apurv Mehra, a renowned Orthopedic Surgeon, Author, and Medical Educator. Since 2014, his groundbreaking initiative, Ortho Dhoom Dhadaka, has been making waves in the Orthopedic field. However, Dr. Apurv Mehra’s vision extends far beyond this achievement. In 2017, he envisioned a platform for Postgraduate (PG) residents to hone their skills under the guidance of experienced teachers. His ambition was to create a globally accessible learning space for students worldwide.

This visionary dream took shape in 2020 with the launch of the pioneering app, Conceptual Orthopedics. Since then, Dr. Apurv Mehra has continued to innovate, leading to the development of a series of similar platforms. The latest addition to this lineage is eConceptual, setting the stage for a series of groundbreaking educational platforms that will continue to shape the future of medical learning. Join us on this transformative learning adventure and experience the power of unlimited growth and knowledge at your fingertips!

Popular Streams

Conceptual Orthopedics

designed to provide comprehensive support and resources for individuals looking to enhance their knowledge and clinical skills

Conceptual Surgery

cutting-edge platform designed for Surgeons and practitioners to enhance their skills and knowledge

Conceptual Anesthesia

aims to provide valuable resources and support for individuals looking to enhance their knowledge and skills

Conceptual Radiology

platform for radiology residents and practitioners to refine skills, expand knowledge, and advance expertise throughout their career.

Conceptual Psychiatry

Platform for embarking on a transformative journey towards excellence in Psychiatry.

Conceptual OBG

Platform designed for MS/DNB Obstetrics & Gynecology residents and aspiring practitioners.

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Prepare for Super Specialty Exams with eConceptual

Get ready for Super Specialty Exams with eConceptual. Elevate your preparation and increase your chances of success with our comprehensive study materials and resources. Let eConceptual be your guide as you navigate through the complexities of these specialized exams. Trust in our expertise and let us help you achieve your goals.

Expert-led Online Lectures

eConceptual offers engaging and informative online lectures, delivered by seasoned professionals in the super specialty field.

Practice and Evaluate

Our platform equips you with resources to tackle previous years' questions (PYQs), helping you assess your progress and refine your understanding.

Realistic Mock Tests

To ensure you're well-prepared for the actual exam, eConceptual provides realistic mock tests that closely mimic the structure and format of the original exam.

Daily Insights and Updates

Stay ahead of the competition by accessing our exclusive daily posts, which provide valuable insights and cover the latest trends and topics related to super specialty exams.

why choose us

Choose eConceptual for its unique position as a comprehensive platform catering to PG residents and aspiring practitioners. With an extensive collection of top-notch study resources and the guidance of experienced teachers, eConceptual empowers you to excel in your residency and practice journey.

Comprehensive Learning Resources

eConceptual provides a vast array of study materials, including video lectures, and recorded lectures, ensuring you have access to all the essential resources for your PG journey.

Expert Guidance

Our team of experienced teachers offers personalized mentorship, helping you navigate complex concepts and grow as a practitioner.

Innovative Platform

eConceptual’s user-friendly interface and mobile app make it easy for you to access your learning materials.

Preparing for Success

With eConceptual, you’ll gain the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in your PG journey and clinical practice, whether you’re pursuing further studies or starting your practice.

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Take learning on the go!

Dr. Apurv Mehra, a top Orthopedic Surgeon, Author, and Educator. In 2014, he started Ortho Dhoom Dhadaka, and now, he’s made learning accessible for PG residents. In 2020, he launched Conceptual Orthopedics app. Now, there’s eConceptual, part of a series of innovative learning platforms. Join us for a fantastic learning journey and unlock endless knowledge!


“Here's What Our Students Say”

1800+ Reviews

It is an amazing app with self centered of most of the information at one place by amazing senior faculties and daily online sessions makes this app much more better. Thanks to conceptual Orthopedics app for meeting most of ours expectations.

Dr. Vrashab Prabhu

The new version is exceptionally good. It’s very inspiring to see the conceptual team making such efforts to make the app more user- friendly. Also the lectures are very well explained. I absolutely love the systematic segregation of videos and notes! Really helps in planning and recording my study.

Dr. Priya Singh

Great platform for conceptual learning. Everything starts from the basics leading to complex subjects. It’s really well explained with detailed notes available. I like the fact that I can access the app on my phone or iPad according to my needs.

Dr. Lubaina Sheerazi

Really amazed to see such respected and esteemed Professors / Doctors combining their efforts to impart their lifelong knowledge onto the young generation. It’s like taking personalised classes from them.

Dr. frank david

Dr Apurv is very good teacher had a great time learning from video lectures The App is helping me prepare very well for my neet exam. Also, the motivation is very helpful and helps to keep going. Furthermore, I want to become a great Orthopedician like him

Dr. Shikhar soni

I like the Conceptual Anesthesia faculties and they have helped me a lot in understanding concepts, and Very much satisfied with the contents provided and the new question banks in the app. User experience is also good.

Dr. Mayank Bisht

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